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Bakhtiari Kebab: One skewer combination of marinated boneless chicken breast (Joojeh Kebab) and marinated sirloin steak (Chenjeh Kebab)

Baghali Polo ba Mahicheh: Rice mixed with dill, broad beans and seasoned Lamb Shank

Khoresht Bademjan: Beef stew with eggplant, tomato and dried Persian limes

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Sholeh Zard: ​Rice, sugar, rosewater, saffron and cooking oil

Barg Kebab: One skewer of grilled sirloin beef marinated in saffron and Persian spices

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Fereni: Flour, milk, sugar, rosewater and cardamom

Kashk Bademjan $8
Mirza Ghasemi $8
​Mast Mooseer $4.5
​Mast Khiar $4.5

Khoresht Fesenjan: Chicken breast stew with walnut, pomegranate paste and Persian spices

Ranginak (Served 5 in a plate): ​ Wheat flour, pitted date, sugar, walnut, cinnamon and cooking oil

Kashk Bademjan: ​Crushed eggplant with fried onion, garlic, dried mint and yogurt paste

Vaziri Kebab:  One skewer of marinated boneless chicken breast (Joojeh Kebab)with one skewer of ground beef (Kubideh Kebab)


*All Kebabs are served with rice and grilled tomato

Kubideh Kebab $14 

Joojeh Kebab $13 

Chenjeh Kebab $14 

Barg Kebab $14

Bakhtiari Kebab $15 

Soltani Kebab $19 ​

Vaziri Kebab $19


Fereni $4.5 

Ranginak $4.5 

Sholeh Zard $4.5
Baklava $7.5

Doogh: ​Yogurt based, Carbonated Persian Beverage.

Soltani Kebab: One skewer of marinated and grilled sirloin beef (Barg Kebab) with one skewer of ground beef (Kubideh Kebab)

Mast Mooseer: ​Mixture of garlic flavored yogurt and shallots


Doogh (Yogurt based, Carbonated Persian beverage) $3

Canned Pop $2  

Juice $3

(Orange or Apple)

Bottled Water $2

Tea (Teapot with up to 4 cups) $5
(Green or Black Tea)

Khoresht Gheimeh: Beef stew with split yellow peas, tomato and dried Persian limes

Shirazi Salad: Cucumber, tomato, onion, lemon juice and dried mint

Baghali Polo ba Morgh: ​Rice with dill, broad beans and Chicken leg

Kubideh Kebab: Two skewers of grilled ground beef mixed Persian herbs and spices

Zeresk Polo ba Morgh: Rice and barberries, with seasoned Chicken leg


Served with Rice

* With lamb Shank +$6

Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi $12*

Khoresht Gheimeh $12*

Khoresht Bademjan $12*

Khoresht Fesenjan $13 

Zereshk Polo ba Morgh $13 

Baghali Polo ba Mahicheh $18 ​

Baghali Polo ba Morgh $14

Mirza Ghasemi: ​Crushed fried eggplant with fried garlic, egg and tomato paste

Chenjeh Kebab: One skewer of top sirloin steak marinated and seasoned with Persian spices

Baklava (One Package): ​A rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup.

Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi: Beef stew with flavoured greens, red beans and dried Persian limes

Joojeh Kebab: One skewer of boneless chicken breast marinated in saffron

We might have a small menu but our foods are incredibly delicious. Check it out!

Our Menu

Mast Khiar: ​Mixture of yogurt, cucumber, dried mint and onion

Please note that all kinds of meat (Lamb, Beef and Chicken) served by Shiraz Restaurant are Halal.


Shirazi Salad $4.5