Khoresht Gheimeh: Beef stew with yellow peas, tomato and dried Persian limes

Shirazi Salad: Cucumber, tomato, onion, lemon juice and dried mint

Kashk Bademjan: ​Crushed eggplant with fried onion, garlic, dried mint and Persian yogurt whey

Mast Khiar: ​Mixture of yogurt, cucumber, dried mint and onion

Baghali Polo ba Morgh: ​Rice with dill, broad beans and a Chicken Leg

Mast Mooseer: ​Mixture of garlic flavored yogurt and shallot


*All Kebabs are served with rice and a grilled tomato

Kubideh Kebab $15.5 

Joojeh Kebab $14.5 

Chenjeh Kebab $15.5 

Barg Kebab $15.5

Bakhtiari Kebab $16.5 

Soltani Kebab $21 ​

Vaziri Kebab $21

Doogh: ​Yogurt based, Carbonated Persian Beverage.

Vaziri Kebab:  One skewer of marinated chicken breast (Joojeh Kebab)with one skewer of ground beef (Kubideh Kebab)

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Bakhtiari Kebab: One skewer combination of marinated  chicken breast (Joojeh Kebab) and marinated top sirloin steak (Chenjeh Kebab)

Baghali Polo ba Mahicheh: Rice mixed with dill, broad beans and a seasoned Lamb Shank

Barg Kebab: One skewer of grilled sirloin beef marinated in saffron and Persian spices

Sholeh Zard: ​Rice, sugar, rosewater, saffron and cooking oil


Served with Rice

* With lamb Shank +$7 

Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi $13.5*

Khoresht Gheimeh $13.5*

Khoresht Bademjan $13.5*

Khoresht Fesenjan $14.5 

Zereshk Polo ba Morgh $14.5 

Baghali Polo ba Mahicheh $20 ​

Baghali Polo ba Morgh $15.5

Soltani Kebab: One skewer of marinated sirloin beef (Barg Kebab) with one skewer of ground beef (Kubideh Kebab)

Khoresht Bademjan: Beef stew with eggplant, tomato and dried Persian limes

Kubideh Kebab: Two skewers of grilled ground beef mixed with Persian herbs and spices

Kashk Bademjan $9
Mirza Ghasemi $9
​Mast Mooseer $5
​Mast Khiar $5

Ranginak (Served 5 in a plate): ​ Wheat flour, pitted date, sugar, walnut, cinnamon and cooking oil

Baklava (One Package): ​A rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup.

Joojeh Kebab: One skewer of grilled chicken breast marinated in saffron and Persian spices

We might have a small menu but our foods are incredibly delicious. Check it out!

Khoresht Fesenjan: Chicken breast stew with walnut, pomegranate paste and Persian spices

Please note that all kinds of meat (Lamb, Beef and Chicken) served by Shiraz Restaurant are Halal.

Zeresk Polo ba Morgh: Rice and barberries, with a seasoned Chicken Leg

​Shiraz Restaurant is open for takeout/pickup during COVID-19 situation

Please see below for more details

Chenjeh Kebab: One skewer of grilled top sirloin steak marinated in saffran and Persian spices


Doogh (Yogurt based, Carbonated Persian beverage) $3 

Canned Pop $2

Juice $3

(Orange or Apple)

Bottled Water $2 

Tea (Teapot with up to 4 cups) $5
(Green or Black Tea)

Mirza Ghasemi: ​Crushed fried eggplant with fried garlic, egg and tomato paste

Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi: Beef stew with flavoured greens, red beans and dried Persian limes

Our Menu


Shirazi Salad $5

Fereni: Flour, milk, sugar, rosewater and cardamom

Shiraz Restaurant


Fereni $5 

Ranginak $5 

Sholeh Zard $5
Baklava $8